3 Responses to “Top 20 Short Films”

  1. Afonso Marmelo Says:


    I’m so glad I’ve finally found someone that appreciates a masterpiece like Geneviève by Michel Brault, almost as much as me. I’ve seen that movie only once, and since then I’ve been trying by all means to rewatch it, but so far, I’ve failed miserably.
    Please, instead of breaking my poor heart, go ahead an comfort my soul, by telling me that it will al be alright, and that you can find a way to transfer me the movie.

    Special Thanks from a cinephile from Portugal,
    Afonso Marmelo

    • chrisfilm Says:

      I can get it to you as well as Brault’s other short Le Temps Purdu, if interested.

      • Afonso Marmelo Says:

        You can? Really, that would be great. Can we have a private chat?

        Thanks so much in advance!

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