5th Annual Chrisfilm Awards (2014)

Every year, to celebrate the Academy Awards, I come up with my personal list of nominations and winners. As per usual, my awards look a lot different than the Oscar nominations, but hopefully this will give my readers an idea of some other quality movies from 2013 that the Academy did not mention. I only saw 3 out of the 9 Oscar Best Picture nominees though, in case you are looking for a point of reference to how ‘in the loop’ I am, though I really only have interest in 2 that I didn’t see. Hope you enjoy my take!

And so begins the 5th Annual Chrisfilm Awards.


Best Supporting Actor:

Javier Bardem, To the Wonder
bsa, Javier Bardem To the Wonder

Ray McKinnon, Mud
bsa ray mckinnon mud

Vithaya Pansringarm, Only God Forgives
bsa, Vithaya Pansringarm Only God Forgives

Andrew Sensenig, Upstream Color
bsa, Andrew Sensenig Upstream Color

And the winner is…

Mark Strong, Welcome to the Punch
bsa mark strong welcome to the punch


Best Supporting Actress:

Amy Adams, Man of Steel
bsac, Amy Adams Man of Steel

Chiara Mastroianni, Bastards
bsac, Chiara Mastroianni Bastards

Andrea Riseborough, Oblivion
bsac andrea riseborough oblivion

Kristin Scott Thomas, Only God Forgives
bsac, Kristin Scott Thomas Only God Forgives

And the winner is…

Rachel McAdams, To the Wonder
bsac, Rachel McAdams To the Wonder


Best Cinematography:

Shane Carruth, Upstream Color
upstream color cinematography

Philippe Le Sourd, The Grandmaster
grandmaster cinematography

Emmanuel Lubezki, To the Wonder
to the wonder cinematography

Bradford Young, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
ain't them bodies saints cinematography

And the winner is…

Larry Smith, Only God Forgives
only God forgives cinematography


Best Actress:

Sandra Bullock, Gravity
bac Sandra Bullock, Gravity

Olga Kurylenko, To the Wonder
bac Olga Kurylenko, To the Wonder

Rooney Mara, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
bac Rooney Mara, Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Ziyi Zhang, The Grandmaster
bac Ziyi Zhang, The Grandmaster

And the winner is…

Amy Seimetz, Upstream Color
bac Amy Seimetz Upstream Color


Best Actor:

Casey Affleck, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
ba Casey Affleck, Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Chiwetel Ejiofor, 12 Years a Slave
ba 12 years a slave chiwetel ejiofor

Jude Law, Side Effects
ba jude law side effects

Michael Shannon, The Iceman
ba Michael Shannon, The Iceman

And the winner is…

Joaquin Phoenix, Her
ba joaquin phoenix, her


Best Director:

David Gordon Green, Prince Avalanche
david gordon green prince avalanche

Spike Jonze, Her
spike jonze her

David Lowery, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
david lowery ain't them bodies saints

Terrence Malick, To the Wonder
terrence malick to the wonder

And the winner is…

Shane Carruth, Upstream Color
shane carruth upstream color


Best Picture of 2013:

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
ain't them bodies saints

The Grandmaster
the grandmaster





Only God Forgives
only God forgives

Prince Avalanche
prince avalanche

To the Wonder
to the wonder

And the winner is…

Upstream Color
upstream color


3 Responses to “5th Annual Chrisfilm Awards (2014)”

  1. A few things of note:
    1. No Michele Williams for the first time in forever. But even without her the actress categories were extremely competitive.
    2. The acting categories were the worst they’ve been. Left a couple of deserving performances off, but I probably couldn’t have gone past 7 in either.
    3. Cinematography continues to be insanely competitive. I could have had 10 and not felt like there was much of any slip of quality.
    4. Four of my Best Picture nominees would have won last year’s top honor. Twas a great year.

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