Redemption (S. Knight, 2013)

Redemption (Steven Knight, 2013)

Then Jesus said to him, ‘Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.’  –Matthew 26:52

First of all, I refuse to call this by its IMDb name. Whoever made the decision to give this a different ‘known’ name made the right choice. Hummingbird only puts focus on what is easily the weakest aspect of this film – the war flashbacks and the ridiculous effect they had on the protagonist. They’re heavy-handed, entirely too ‘important’, and just completely unneeded.


Minus those scenes what we have is actually another entry in the recently ever-growing subdued action genre. More time is spent on atmosphere, settings, conversations (which were more or less natural), and general ambience than fights and chases. While I prefer a bit more elaborate cinematography out of films like these (the poster is perfect; I want more neon!), overall this still is much closer to Drive than it is G.I. Joe in its aesthetics. And the film’s relationships and the actions that result are handled with delicacy and patience. So while it falls into a lot of common big blockbuster traps, its footing is firmly planted on the side of quality cinema.  7.25/10


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