The Counselor (R. Scott, 2013)

The Counselor (Ridley Scott, 2013)

For the wages of sin is death  –Romans 6:23a

What a dumb movie. Cormac McCarthy needs to stick to writing novels and letting screenplay writers adapt them to movies. Or something. He must have been so impressed with himself over the success of No Country for Old Men and its ending that he wanted a film of several of those pseudo-intellectual monologues thrown together with no vision or purpose. Almost every one of them feels flat and forced here. And, while usually I’m not all that concerned with whether a film has all of its plot points lined up perfectly, I was unimpressed how completely unbelievable so many of these events were, not to mention the numerous tangents – most of which lacked any substance. There were some nice images and Michael Fassbender is impressive as always, but this was mostly a trainwreck.  3.75/10

the counselor


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  1. Never one to mince words are we?!

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