Gravity (A. Cuarón, 2013)

This review contains spoilers.

Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón, 2013)

Lord, teach us to pray  –Luke 11:1b

In one direction, the vast openness of unending space, the faint shine of distant suns such distances away that the mind cannot comprehend. In the other direction, the sun we know peeking over our planet creating an infinite line of beautiful oranges, yellows, and reds peering over the greens and blues of our home. In between, utter loneliness and helplessness, and an ironic amount of claustrophobia. So after a treacherous experience of dodging high-flying debris and watching her only remaining companion float into the abyss, when Sandra Bullock enters a space station, slowly sheds her astronaut garb, and curls herself into a loosely formed fetal position, the metaphorical rebirth process has begun.


There are endless spiritual allusions littered throughout the entire film, but it’s when the film goes from an allegory for a realistic spiritual journey to a cheesy beating-the-odds rah-rah cliche that it lost me. Up to that point it’s a brilliant example of how to mix CGI and cinematography, how to use allegory poignantly, and how to get a good performance out of Sandra Bullock(!). But Cuarón can’t finish and instead of being another masterpiece from this great director, it falls into the category of ‘what could have been’.  8/10


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