The Guilt Trip (A. Fletcher, 2012)

The Guilt Trip (Anne Fletcher, 2012)

When Seth Rogen does clean comedy, I actually find him quite funny. His timing and almost reserved witty sarcasm is extremely well presented. Usually it’s a lot harder to appreciate when he’s loud, foul-mouthed, and perverted. But in something like this, he is not near as grating. Now, everything else about this movie is rough. It’s sentimental slop and I’m pretty sure only a mother of a boy who also happens to be currently pregnant with a 2nd boy would find this touching. (Love you hon!) It’s cheesy and formulaic, but it’s not meant to be anything else.  4.5/10

the guilt trip


One Response to “The Guilt Trip (A. Fletcher, 2012)”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

    So what if this movie was MADE for me, I still liked it!

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