Prince Avalanche (D.G. Green, 2013)

Prince Avalanche (David Gordon Green, 2013)

The return of David Gordon Green! While this isn’t quite as poignantly affecting as his first four films, and for a moment or two you see him fall back to his stoner-movie humor ‘comfort zone’, overall it’s a great return to what so many of us loved about this director when he first came on the scene. Striking images, a poetic and smoothly integrated soundtrack, and real, awkward dialogue centered around everyday life. I’ve worked a labor job, spending days with only one other person whose life was very different from mine, and Green nails how those days pass by. The initial mutual false attentiveness to the other person’s seemingly odd stories and interests slowly replaced by a confiding trust and eventual genuine concern for the other’s struggles is portrayed gracefully, with the sights of the woods and the sunsets and the sounds of beautiful music piecing it all together. I’m glad to have this David Gordon Green back and hope to have more in this vein in the future.  8.5/10

prince avalanche


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