The Fifth Cord (Bazzoni, 1971)

The Fifth Cord (Luigi Bazzoni, 1971)

Gorgeous – let’s just get that out there right away. The fabulous use of color combined with the perfect use of unique architecture as both framing and focal point devices make this a cinematography paradise. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking on this point.

 fifth cord 4  

Unfortunately, the film has a real problem with pace. It’s not that it moves unevenly, but it oftentimes feels that way due to the onslaught of dialogue. There are very few moments when someone is not talking which prevents many of the elements that make this film so strong from standing out like they should. The film is at its best during its murder scenes where the cinematography and unspoken sound combination is finally allowed to breathe, and what a breath of poetry they are. (Yep, poetic murder scenes!) I wish these little glimpses of perfection would have been the dominating force because that would have been something to behold.  8.25/10

fifth cord 2

fifth cord 3

fifth cord 6

fifth cord 5

fifth cord


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