Payday (D. Duke, 1973)

Payday (Daryl Duke, 1973)

Rural land, fast cars down dirt roads, chickens and dogs roaming about the land, hunting, country music – a great and appropriate setting for what turned out to be a film that held me at arm’s length. It’s the story of a really bad man, and that’s about it. I know there is merit in this type of film, and I don’t hold the view that you have to like a protagonist to like a movie. But I do prefer to be able to view the protagonist at least somewhat sympathetically. There is none of that here. What we get a tiny peek at though are some side characters that whose circumstances are heartbreaking. They mostly live under thumb, but one seemingly throwaway scene (between the protagonist’s driver and latest girlfriend) stood out to me as an extremely revealing look into their lives – a true indication of just how damaging he was to those around him. More moments like this would have been fantastic.  6.75/10



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