The Numbers Station (Barfoed, 2013)

This review contains spoilers.

The Numbers Station (Kasper Barfoed, 2013)

When we looked this movie up, I thought it said it was 129 minutes. So when we reached the 1 hour, 25 minute mark and the bulk of the action looked to be resolved, I was excited. Sure, what happened prior was a rather dull and emotionless (besides some terrible falsely sentimental flashbacks) attempt at a claustrophobic thriller. But with the main conflict resolved, Cusack having already looked the bad guy in the eye and taken him down as one final twist, and our two protagonists recovering in the hospital, what, my mind wondered, will happen in these last 45 minutes? Are the two going to run away together, live off the grid, start a romance drenched in fear and anxiety of these awful events? Will they separate, both haunted in silence by their pasts with no real way to ever find each other again? I found myself intrigued. Then the credits rolled and my research led to the discovery that the movie was 1 hour 29 minutes, not 129 minutes. I was deflated; it turns out it was just a bad movie.  3.75/10

numbers station


3 Responses to “The Numbers Station (Barfoed, 2013)”

  1. I’ve had that happen before, although sometimes when it ends up shorter than I thought, I am thankful for it. Sorry to see that TLC folded, I just was starting to post there again. Any idea what happened?

    • chrisfilm Says:

      Yeah, that’s usually how that happens. For some reason I just kept hoping this would turn into a relationship drama. I don’t know why since it probably would have just been a bad one.

      TLC had been fading for a while. Lots of the regulars weren’t around anymore and it wasn’t getting much action. Guess it was just time to move on. I hadn’t been around much myself; I guess doing all that and the blog was taking too much time.

  2. Yeah I feel you there. TLC was a great place to get recommendations from people. I did always visit your blog here though because you do such a good job on it, and look forward to more of your reviews.

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