Gun Crazy (J.H. Lewis, 1950)

Gun Crazy (Joseph H. Lewis, 1950)

Wow, that’s one crazy woman. Let this film be a lesson to you, guys; just because a pretty girl holds a common interest with you doesn’t mean you should abide when she wants to become the most notorious pair of robbers in the country. Peggy Cummins does a wonderful job bringing this oddly insane woman to life. Despite being obviously manipulative and a very bad human being, she still somehow presents the persona of a timid and vulnerable woman, reeling her husband (who is basically just her grunt worker) back in every time he’s at his wit’s end. It’s an interesting relationship even if it does stretch the limits of believability at times. And accompanying this clever depiction of an anti-hero is a barrage of fantastic camerawork. Specifically, the ad-lib long-take bank robbery shot, all from the unbroken perspective of the car’s backseat, was a thing of beauty – from the routine chatter as the two try to find a parking spot for the getaway car, through the robbery, to the hauntingly devious smiles from Cummins as she stares down the cops on their tail. It’s a wild film and, in places, boldly original.  8.75/10

gun crazy


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