Top 10 Most Anticipated Films – Part Three

I figured it was about time for another one of these, especially with one of my top 10 coming out in less than two weeks. Most of these should be out in the US by the end of the year. And although Terrence Malick has two more in the works(!), I’m leaving those off since there’s no way we see them soon. Also, yes, some of these are repeats from my last go around since nothing every gets released as quickly as you want.

1. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (David Lowery)
This might not have even made this list a week ago. But after seeing the trailer, I’m sold. Sure, it’s a Malick impersonation attempt, but I don’t care. I love it when people use Malick as their influence. Sure, some fail, but some succeed and that makes it worth it. Plus, this cast is fantastic.
ain't them bodies saints

2. Joe (David Gordon Green)
Okay, so I don’t know if we’ll really see this in 2013, but I’m about as excited as you can get to see if David Gordon Green has returned to his old form. This is the first thing he’s done since Snow Angels that isn’t a stoner comedy and it’s about time.

3. Only God Forgives (Nicolas Winding Refn)
This was #3 on my list last time, so might as well keep it here. The only reason it didn’t shoot up to #1 is that I’m a bit concerned with its content. Not the Drive was some sort of family friendly drama, but at its heart it was a love story. This looks to be the violence without the love. Still, Refn’s cinematic skills will make this a must see.
only God forgives

4. The Bling Ring (Sofia Coppola)
Sofia Coppola is a fantastic director. With her latest project, she’s talking a true story. I like the quote the famous Doug Heffernan when it comes to true movies, “If it’s true, it’s craparoo.” But with this, I’ll make an exception. I have no doubt Coppola will give this her cinematic flair and I look forward to it.
bling ring

5. Night Moves (Kelly Reichardt)
There’s not much I can say here other than Kelly Reichardt hasn’t made a bad film yet and until she does, her newest will continue to make this list no matter who or what is involved.
night moves

6. Man of Steel (Zack Snyder)
Here’s the one that I look forward to seeing in the next couple of weeks. And, as per usual when I do a list like this, it’s the token big budget flick. But the first trailer for this film wowed me like I couldn’t believe. Plus, Michael Shannon as General Zod? Yes please. This should be the best superhero movie yet.
man of steel

7. Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron)
Again, this was on last year’s list and has only moved up one spot. Why? Because Sandra Bullock frightens me. Cuaron is a great director, but it’s been 7 years since his last one and I’m a bit worried he just needs to get paid. But hopefully this will impress like his last several have.

8. Inside Llewyn Davis (Coen Brothers)
The Coens are big time hit or miss with me. And, generally, their non-rural settings don’t ever fall in the ‘hit’ category. But it’s not likely I’ll ever not be excited for a new one from these guys because they’ve put out some real gems.
inside llewyn davis

9. A Most Wanted Man (Anton Corbijn)
Corbijn made an atmospheric treat with The American so, sure, I’ll give him another try. Plus, you generally can’t go wrong with Philip Seymour Hoffman.
a most wanted man

10. Her (Spike Jonze)
Jonze has some great stuff and this cast looks fantastic on paper, but that premise sounds a bit hokey. So, we’ll see.


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