Best of… Series – 1954 – Garden of Evil

Garden of Evil (Henry Hathaway, 1954)

A traveling western with a small cast of characters and beautiful cinematography; it should be of no surprise that I liked this. The group travels through the mountains of rural Mexico, most of whom are barely acquainted (if at all) before the trip begins. As the relationships begin to mold as more time is spent with one another, the avoidance of relational clichés is impressive. There are varying levels of respect between all the characters and they shift and shape naturally, in both directions, as each learns more about the others. It’s an oddball crew if I ever saw one, but no one feels in any way out of place. And, wow, their travels take them to some gorgeous settings. Mountains, forests, old church ruins, sunsets, crickets, wind (okay, those last two aren’t visual, but they still enhance the settings). A beautiful portrayal of both human interaction and natural landscape.  9/10

garden of evil


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