Best of… Series – 2013 – Upstream Color

Upstream Color (Shane Carruth, 2013)

Floating, drifting, ethereal, graceful, lyrical – the beauty of the gradual rise from darkness to deliverance voiced through relentless moving images woven into each other by unceasing music and the occasional unbroken exchange of notions. Pure cinematic poetry from the fall into melancholy, to the chance encounter with a stranger leading to the soft slow start of a sweet but trying romance, all the way to the journey to confrontation of the sly evil discreetly haunting so many lives. Though tricky and at times difficult to follow, the story is told so beautifully and with such careful rhythmical editing, the wide array of emotions carry the film even when the symbols and allegories become daunting. The love story is especially compelling in the way we see the two build their connection and gradually unveil fragments of their pasts, their fears, and their commonalities; both carry their share of baggage, but they lighten each other’s loads in their journey towards liberation.  9.5/10

upstream color


4 Responses to “Best of… Series – 2013 – Upstream Color”

  1. What did you think of the film score?

    • chrisfilm Says:

      Fantastic. Did you like the movie? Did you review it?

      • My fiance did (she said it was one of the best films she’s seen in the last 5 years in theater) — unfortunately, it’s not showing where I’m getting my grad degree (smallish town)… But we had a discussion about the movie and I was transfixed by the trailer — I definitely want to see it…

  2. chrisfilm Says:

    Don’t know if you blind buy blu rays, but it’s already out and definitely worth it!

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