Jack Reacher (McQuarrie, 2012)

Jack Reacher (Christopher McQuarrie, 2012)

My streak of watching good action movies has come to an end. And what’s most disappointing is that for the first hour or so, it seemed as if the streak would continue. First things first, when Werner Herzog’s names appeared in the credits, I was very excited. The man is a master whether he’s directing or acting. Then, the film’s opening scene is fantastic. Completely silent/muffled, great use of several different camera angles, and showing us right away who the bad guy is instead of making it a distracting guessing game – sold! And even as the film entered into more standard territory, the protagonist is somewhat unique and the story was interesting, so why not?

jack reacher

But the momentum quickly nose-dives as the fight scenes become goofy, the plot makes several cliché moves, and Rosamund Pike gives one of the worst performances I’ve seen in a while. (She spent the whole movie with her mouth hanging open with the expression of utter shock to EVERY single thing that she had just seen or heard.) Once the film gets messy, it snowballs into unwatchable territory. I was extremely pleased when this finally ended.  5.25/10


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