You Gotta Stay Happy (Potter, 1948)

You Gotta Stay Happy (H.C. Potter, 1948)

Jimmy Stewart, in classic Jimmy Stewart fashion, allows his sarcastic wit to get the best of him and ends up flat on his back as a result of a reactionary fist. Triggered is a line of events that include several goofy happenings and, of course, a romantic interest. The screw-ball half of this film is tedious. The running joke that he has a woman in his room despite it being innocent and an uncontrollable circumstance runs for over 20 minutes, feels unoriginal, and features way too much musical score being used as sound effects – that’s such an annoying technique. But when you move past this section of the film, a sweet little romance begins to bud (the shot of the two’s feet movements during a bashfully affectionate scene is especially well done), an exciting plane ride including a well photographed farm landing happens, and some genuine moments of flawed yet real human behavior come into the fold. In the end though, the hodgepodge of it all will bring a smile to your face, and that’s okay because after all, you gotta stay happy!  7.25/10

you gotta stay happy


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