The Hit (Frears, 1984)

The Hit (Stephen Frears, 1984)

A waterfall roars in the background as a barely audible Terence Stamp calmly unleashes his wisdom on life, death, and contentment to an onlooking William Hurt – a man tasked with the assignment of Stamp’s execution. A road movie unlike any other, with the company of one more hitman and one more victim, the film follows this group’s travels towards the kidnapped’s scheduled death. Despite its harrowing path, the trip is serene. Gorgeous and quiet surroundings coupled with unique and layered bonds (of both love and hate) that are in constant development make for an odd yet delightful and truthful portrayal of some strange human beings. And by the time the credits roll, the themes of life, death, and contentment rear their heads again in unexpected but poignant fashion. Frears has molded together a captivating and complex drama.  8.75/10

the hit


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