Hour of the Gun (J. Sturges, 1967)

Hour of the Gun (John Sturges, 1967)

I’ve seen a couple of films centering around the Wyatt Earp/Doc Holliday relationship, both ending with the Battle at OK Corral. But this is the first I’ve seen using that event as in introduction. Earp and Holliday are older here, more worn, and whether that was a directorial decision or actually more true to their ages in this stage of life, I don’t know. But I like the decision. Their weathered looks, gaits, and attitudes fit the style of film and bring to life the methodical mood present throughout. The tale is simple; Earp takes vengeance of the Clanton gang for killing his brother. But there are several pointless side characters and a half-hearted attempt to have Holliday talk some morality into Earp that don’t fit, and take away from the ‘hardened loners’ tone that would have played perfectly to this film’s strengths. I appreciate the different angle on these characters’ lives, but the young Earp/Holliday films are much better.  6.75/10

hour of the gun


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