Trouble with the Curve (Lorenz, 2012)

Trouble with the Curve (Robert Lorenz, 2012)

This is an insult to baseball, an insult to romance, and an insult to parent/child relationships. I don’t know how they managed to inaccurately portray so many different aspects of life. A movie like this is everything that is wrong with the romantic comedy genre. Predictibility, a horrid level of false sentimentality, and poor attempts at deep dramatic revelations haunt this latest attempt at the sports/girlie-movie combo. And, oh, the disgusting treatment of the game of baseball and its operations is mind-boggling. I have to assume they didn’t bother putting a baseball consultant on staff. Basically, it felt like no one involved was even trying. Amy Adams is the lone bright spot, but I still have to question her sanity for willingly participating in this.  3/10

trouble with the curve


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  1. This seems pretty spot on.

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