Amour (Haneke, 2012)

Amour (Michael Haneke, 2012)

This is exactly what I expected it to be — a sad film that I respect for its handling of a hard topic, but that was kind of a snoozer. I don’t really know how to describe what I didn’t like about this other than to say it was uncinematic. It was like Haneke didn’t even try with the aesthetics. It might as well have been a stage play. With that being said, it’s still an extremely accurate and poignant portrayal of old age featuring an unexpected and frightfully stunning conclusion. When you finish this film, if your head isn’t spinning from the jolt of desperation, moral ambiguities, and deep love, you might need to check for a pulse. So while it might have been Haneke’s intention to have the tone be a mirror image of the film’s characters to create a momentous ending, despite finding it effective, it didn’t alleviate my previous boredom.  7/10



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