Lincoln (Spielberg, 2012)

Lincoln (Steven Spielberg, 2012)

And so it was that I would review Lincoln on Lincoln’s birthday. And this is actually very coincidental, but yay for me. I wish I could honor the late President by heaping praises on this epic depiction of his role in the passing of the 13th Amendment. But, alas, I cannot. There are moments of real human tension and emotion – almost a surprising amount of scenes featuring some of Lincoln’s personal flaws. But every time realism poked its head through and brought hope of quality cinema to this historical drama, Spielberg quickly smashed it using monologues designed to be the most important thing you’ve ever heard. I never knew there were so many most important things you’ve ever heard. Regardless of Spielberg’s shortcomings, though, the film has merit if for no other reason than the striking aesthetics. This is a beautiful depiction of 1800s America from the mise-en-scene to the costumes to the open lands to the reliance on candle, lamp, and natural sun light.  6.75/10



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