Shadow Dancer (Marsh, 2012)

Shadow Dancer (James Marsh, 2012)

Hazy reds, light-saturated blues, tranquility in the midst of chaos, a story of manipulation told with its tone as much as with its story. This big bad political thriller floats calmly, tenderly evokes emotion, yet is still able to maintain a level of suspense and intrigue. Its atmosphere is a thing of beauty. Accompanying is realistic human turmoil leading to moments of fear, self-reflection, mis-guided compassion, and rash decisions in both protagonists, neither of which are afforded the luxury of truly being in control. Yet, each with a job to do, they find a common ground, creating a curious relationship. This is a genre film focusing on the people and the presentation, and it’s molded together into a thing of beauty – a story shown and felt more than told.  9/10

shadow dancer


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