Rhino Season (Ghobadi, 2012)

Rhino Season (Bahman Ghobadi, 2012)

A political drama that is much more drama than it is politics. Beginning in present time, a poet recalls the past 30+ years of his life, mostly spent in prison. The present storyline captures his longing to reunite with his wife, who has thought him dead for just under 20 years. Instances of him looking at her house from a distance, standing in silence, obviously contemplating the fear and doubt running through his mind are accompanied by memories of the years prior to the imprisonment, as well as many events from during his imprisonment.

 rhino season2

The cinematography is gorgeous throughout, though almost constantly filtered harshly, giving much of the film a dream-like feel. And as the film continues and we hear the words of his poems being poetically recited, we enter the dream-like state of mind of the protagonist. So much is foggy, both in the mix of his memories and imaginings, and in the constant mystery of where the present will take him. For a man who is finally free, he is still very much spinning downward. It’s a sad tale, and at times almost too harsh to watch.  8.25/10

rhino season


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