The Nativity Story (Hardwicke, 2006)

The Nativity Story (Catherine Hardwicke, 2006)

Last weekend at church they played a video using scenes from this film and it was poetic, moving, and visually striking enough to interest the wife and I to watch the whole movie. Sadly, in the end, I found my church’s video to be closer to what I like in film than the actual movie. Joseph and Mary’s travels to Bethlehem are the highlight of the film. It is here where the time period feels most authentic, and where their relationship develops at a real pace. But without fail, every time the poetic goosebumps started to kick in, the scene would cut to the three wise men’s tale who were, unfortunately, presented more like the three stooges. More of Mary, Joseph, and the circumstances in which Jesus Christ was born (with maybe a little less hokey spotlighting), and less sideplots please. It could have been a uniquely serene film if told purely from their perspective.  6/10



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