Spend It All (Blank, 1972)

Spend It All (Les Blank, 1972)

The Cajun folks of Louisiana – what an interesting crew. The music, the food, the ‘spend it all, let’s have fun’ attitude all make for a fun way to be immersed into the lives of these people for 45 minutes. As with the other Blank documentaries I’ve seen that focus on a group of people instead of an individual, it’s not quite long enough to feel a deep connection, but here he still does a good job of involving the audience instead of accidentally keeping us at arm’s length. No matter how many different people we come across, every one of them lived and breathed music, whether they were singing and playing, dancing, or just listening and tapping their toes along. And the music was always accompanied by food prepared truly from scratch, all so authentic I could almost taste it through the screen. I do like watching people enjoy the blessings of their lives, even if it is only for a short time.  8.25/10

spend it all


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