Tabu (Gomes, 2012)

Tabu (Miguel Gomes, 2012)

A beautifully filmed and interesting take on the modern silent romance film should be something right up my alley. But this one really hits one of my sore points in film – the glorification of adultery. I really hate it when movies try to make us feel a connection to an adulterous relationship while viewing the original relationship as nothing more than an obstacle. This film is guilty of that. The mood, tone, acting, and editing do all the things I like about my favorite love movies. But, sorry, no goosebumps since all I could think about was what terrible people these were. Anyway, the second half of the film (which is a flashback from the first) features nothing but background noise. The splashing of water, the wind, the birds can all be heard. But when the characters speak, no words are audible; focus is placed entirely on visual presentation and mood, which is great. The first half is a nice examination of growing old, flailing for connection, and the burden of loneliness. So while I really liked a large portion of this, especially from a technical standpoint, the film doesn’t live up to its potential because the central emotional piece was hollow.  7.5/10



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