Lawless (Hillcoat, 2012)

Lawless (John Hillcoat, 2012)

Quite frankly, from a storytelling perspective, this is a silly little movie. The ‘coward becomes a man’ approach was predictable and unconvincing, the antagonist was a cartoon, and there were several other smaller plot movements that were plagued by unoriginality. But, man, the atmosphere was perfect; it had the right feel of the time period. Whether it be the musical score, the cinematography, the sounds of the surroundings, the character mannerisms, or the mise-en-scene, all these were working towards one common goal. And that goal was achieved when I lost myself for two hours in an interesting, authentic, yet unobtrusive presentation of a historical setting that still managed to be more about family, trust, and being both raised up and rolled over by life experiences.  7.75/10



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