Holy Motors (Carax, 2012)

Holy Motors (Leos Carax, 2012)

It seems like everything I read about this film is about its metaphorical criticism of the film industry, or about how its oddities are delightfully mesmerizing. Both of those are valid, but at its core this is a film about lost love. As strange and interesting as all of the protagonist’s assignments were, after a while we start to feel comfortable in the false reality this man lives in. Then, BAM, real life literally comes crashing in, and we’re jolted out of repetition and thrusted into the soul of a long-ago relationship. The sincere feeling of past love is more heartbreaking than ever realized when contrasted with the mundane alternative of always living as someone else. So when our protagonist is dropped off at his last assignment, and it’s apparent the cycle is endless and primal, the yearning for lost love lingers and its ghost haunts – at its core it’s a sad film, odd (perhaps too odd for my taste), but full of emotion.  8.5/10

holy motors


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