The Dead Pool (Van Horn, 1988)

The Dead Pool (Buddy Van Horn, 1988)

And this wraps up my adventure through the Dirty Harry series. This one is closer to stinker than masterpiece with more of an afternoon television special feel to it as opposed to a frightening crime underworld feel. The bad guys make audible ‘oof’ sounds when shot, the killer mystery is strung out through the entire movie with several obvious red herrings, and all attempts at suspense are childish (though I want to high-five the guy who thought a chase scene with a remote control car was a good idea). At the same time, it’s not a complete waste of time. Harry’s relationship with the news reporter takes its time to set up and unfold, which leads to a worthwhile finale and possibly the best bad guy takedown of the entire series. And the cinematography isn’t lazy – good use of dark spaces. But it’s mostly ‘meh’.  5.75/10

the dead pool


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