Sudden Impact (Eastwood, 1983)

Sudden Impact (Eastwood, 1983)

Dirty Harry in the directorial hands of Eastwood himself. And the question becomes – is this reality or a hellish nightmare? With each scene beautifully crafted in almost every way, we enter the dark yet vibrant world of violence, buried secrets, filthy antagonists, and an indestructible hero. And in the center of it all is the rose drawing its thorns for its assailants to fall on. A hurting, angry, and scarred protagonist viewing her world clearly for the first time in years executes vengeance with calm and accurate judgement. And Harry sees it all – is allowed into her inner circle, sympathizes with her, and understands that he can never fully understand. With that comes a true tender care for a human being not seen at any other point in the series. His chief philosophy that murder as justice is still murder, unwavering in even the strongest of storms, is tossed like a leaf as he lets his heart open. Each image is photographed in a way that reflects the coexistence of bitter darkness and human compassion, and the pain of violence and terror is accompanied by healing.  9.25/10


2 Responses to “Sudden Impact (Eastwood, 1983)”

  1. Love this movie, though I’ve never analyzed them the way you do. Nice perspective.

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