The Enforcer (Fargo, 1976)

The Enforcer (James Fargo, 1976)

Who in the world thought it was a good idea to hand the Dirty Harry reigns over to James Fargo? Horridly dull, uninspired filmmaking that in no way feels like it belongs with the first two of the series. At one point there is what seems like a 20 minute on-foot chase scene featuring completely non-innovative camerawork, stupid be-bop music, and characters running at the speed of a leisurely Sunday jog. The laziness involved in this scene sums up the entire effort put forth in making this film. Gone are the dark tone, nice cinematography, and interesting villains. But, hey, this one has the funniest one-liners, so it has that going for it. The film’s final battle at an abandoned Alcatraz is easily the highlight of the film, and the final scene – where we get a real feel for just how complacent the figures of power have become in Harry’s world – is haunting. It lingers with you as the credits roll. Where was that for the first 80 minutes?  5.25/10


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