The Lady of the Lake (Bazzoni, Rossellini, 1965)

The Lady of the Lake (Luigi Bazzoni & Franco Rossellini)

My first giallo style film, and my initial impression says it’s either going to take some time to get adjusted to the genre, or this just might not be a style that interests me. My issues with this one don’t really differ from the issues I have with most average American film noirs – overly narrated, extensively plotted, and emotionally unfocused. It started out fascinating. A man arrives in a remote city that he visits annually to discover the woman he remembers fondly from his last visit has died in the last year. There’s several beautiful flashbacks that include both the gorgeous landscapes of the small town and montaged memories of this woman. The real story of what caused this woman to die becomes quickly obvious and I was interested to see how our protagonist’s longing for this woman would contrast with his relationship with the people involved. Instead the sense of mystery (which now feels hollow) is prolonged and unnecessarily added to, and the film becomes unfocused and tiresome. At least the great cinematography and blustery small town atmosphere are consistent throughout, but that’s about it.  7/10


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