Looper (R. Johnson, 2012)

Looper (Rian Johnson, 2012)

A slick futuristic noir set in Kansas(!) featuring the contrast of dystopian-esque urban life and the quiet ruralness (and beautiful sunsets) of the neighboring farm fields – yes, please. Johnson took a stab at film noir with his debut, Brick, but that film was more of a cute little homage to the noir. Looper is a noir, but it’s subtle enough in its approach to avoid feeling forced. Everything from its setup to its storytelling technique to its protagonist’s character arc had hints of noir, and the way those elements are worked into a science fiction story is remarkable.

Where do I start with Joseph Gordon Levitt? His performance is superb in so many fashions. He exudes the calm cool persona of a man who doesn’t know how flawed he really is, but presents the heart and warmth of a truly changed man as he slowly discovers what it means to have real closeness with other human beings. All the while he is able to portray mannerisms and nuances of Bruce Willis to perfection. I don’t care that all the makeup didn’t actually make him look like a young Willis because he did everything from an acting standpoint to make me believe he was without seeming like he was doing a Willis impersonation. There are so many fascinating elements to this film and I enjoyed the heck out of it.  9/10


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