Devil’s Doorway (A. Mann, 1950)

Devil’s Doorway (Anthony Mann, 1950)

This film stands on the merit of its protagonist – what a finely written character. As stubborn as he was strong and smart, his flaws define him as much as his strengths, and they were as accurate and fitting to his character as you can get. His passion for his land, and for protecting it from those who wanted their undeserved piece of his pie, was contagious. And it’s easy to see why as it’s captured beautifully both in sight and sound (any time I can hear birds chirping and wind blowing in the background, I love it, as simple of a thing as that is). Depth of focus in the photography reveals a depth of beauty, and when our protagonist says the land is part of he and his people’s souls, it’s an easy message to believe. Oh, and kudos to Mann for telling a story from the perspective of the Native Americans, something not done often during this time period.  8.75/10


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