The Grey (Carnahan, 2011)

The Grey (Joe Carnahan, 2011)

Hmm, well, okay. Let’s talk about the first 15-20 minutes. Voiceovers, gorgeous cinematography, present day loneliness and isolation spliced with memories of lost love, and ethereal music – perhaps the best 15-20 minutes of film I’ve seen all year. What follows isn’t bad; I liked the setting, pace, and flawed characters, and I like almost any movie that involves traveling across a wide countryside. But it’s a bit of a letdown after the intro. Too many cheesy heart-to-hearts, characters being killed off in a formulaic fashion, the abandonment of poetic flashbacks (I was annoyed with the one line, ‘you can do it’ visions of his lady.) prevent this from living up to its potential. There’s still some brilliance in the latter portions (one where one of the men comes to the realization that dying with beauty surrounding him is better than living in the garbage he can’t seem to avoid in the real world) where true tenderness shines through. But all in all, I hope someday Carnahan can give us a complete film that matches the intro and scenes like that, because if he does, he’ll have a masterpiece.  8.25/10


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