Sprout Wings and Fly (Blank, 1983)

Sprout Wings and Fly (Les Blank, 1983)

It worked out well that I saw this only a day after watching A Well Spent Life. It’s so close to a companion piece that I can’t believe it was made 11 years later. The focus is on the North Carolinian fiddlist, Tommy Jarrel. Again, Blank treats us to a smoothly edited piece weaving music, landscapes, rural life, and one man’s wisdom together into a proud representation of a life. Unlike Lipscomb, though, Jarrel spends a lot of his time contemplating death; he seems to pine for younger years. I would have liked for a bit longer of a film to see a more expanded view of his thoughts and experiences (especially because I wasn’t in to the music as much in this film), but what we’re given is still an intriguing portrait.  8.5/10


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