Best of… Series – 1972 – A Well Spent Life

A Well Spent Life (Les Blank, 1972)

Tidbits of wisdom on life, love, marriage, and God from Mance Lipscomb, all set to the man’s wonderful folksy blues guitar and chillingly passionate singing voice. While the camera lingers on a weathered face, a man speaks on his 70+ years of life experience in a soft, calm, and slightly garbled tone. Every word he speaks drips with conviction as the camera cuts to sunsets, open fields, children playing, adults dancing, food frying, and many other sights of rural Texas. His insights are mixed with his music, both an equal representation of who this man is and how he views the world. When he speaks of love and God, he speaks fairly and accurately, of grace and community, and you can tell throughout that he’s completely fulfilled right where he is in life. A beautiful portrait of a man both in his words and his surroundings. Once again, a film centering on rural life has swept me away.  9.75/10


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