RoboCop (Verhoeven, 1987)

RoboCop (Paul Verhoeven, 1987)

This film features, perhaps, the saddest scene I’ve ever seen in a science fiction film. The entire film features this man/robot manipulated at every turn. Despite his faithfulness to his mission, his professional conduct, and the fact that he keeps having visions of his pre-robotic life, he can’t catch a break. It all culminates when the police force he has been so dedicated to serving is ordered to hunt him down – a wounded, limping man/machine stumbling through a parking garage, falling down levels to avoid bullets from every direction, with only the occasional police car headlight that both guide his way and continue to make him feel trapped. It’s quite the contrast to the invincible hero we’ve seen up to that point. Additionally, Verhoeven does a fantastic job keeping this from being about reuniting with his family and instead about reuniting with identity. This is a sci-fi full of humanity and feeling and is grouped with an entertaining revenge plot and very good cityscape cinematography.  8.75/10


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