The Hunter (Nettheim, 2011)

The Hunter (Daniel Nettheim, 2011)

This needed to be more ‘man in nature’ than ‘man and our effect on nature’. There are some beautiful moments where it’s just a wandering Willem Dafoe, striking landscapes, and brilliant music that were amazing. Nearly every scene where Dafoe is hunting down the Tasmanian tiger he is after is great – just he, the outdoors, and his makeshift traps. But then there’s a sidestory involving a local family who he becomes a surrogate to that becomes incredibly sappy, plus a ‘save the rainforest’ message that could have been inferred perfectly well without shoving it in viewers faces. There’s too many flaws to overlook, which is too bad, because when it’s focused on what it needs to be, it’s near perfect.  6.75/10


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