Over the Edge (Kaplan, 1979)

Over the Edge (Jonathan Kaplan, 1979)

Following an incident where Carl is taken in by the police for questioning and released to his father, he asks his father when the drive-in and bowling alley are going to be built in their town. While sad puppy dog eyes beg for an answer, his father sternly informs him that the town has other needs that will supersede those projects. Aha – so that’s why these kids can’t stay out of trouble! At this point, it was obvious that Kaplan was taking a  ‘deprived youth lack resources to distract them from havoc’ angle. Overall, it’s really not a bad movie. In fact, it’s quite an interesting look at rebellious youth from a generation before my own, mostly as a glimpse into the way they relate to one another as friends, love interests, and/or enemies. But with most of the focus on the battle of youth vs. authority, I felt like the good relational stuff was wasted and criminally overshadowed.  6/10


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