Moonrise Kingdom (W. Anderson, 2012)

Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson, 2012)

To me, this is just as good as many of the other ‘two lost souls find each other’ films that I love, despite it being about pre-teens. Hiding behind its storybook-like style and many comedic moments is quite a heartbreaking story, and both of the lead kids play their respective parts wonderfully. This is a more poetic image of human life than it will get credit for. The scenes where the two essentially play house are the highlight of the film. They have a home-cooked meal together, dance on the beach, fight off intruders, and accept each other’s flaws; their longing for nurture, affection, and companionship give them a common, inseparable bond (well, that and the ignorant view of a teenager believing a relationship is more permanent that it really is). And while I did enjoy the storybook-like style and narrative technique (which is really a great match with Anderson’s aesthetics), the lonely young lovers aspect of the film is the key to its success.  8.75/10


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