A Perfect Couple (Altman, 1979)

A Perfect Couple (Robert Altman, 1979)

An outgoing, always talking middle-aged man who lives with his strict, conservative parents and siblings sparks a relationship with a shy, timid woman who is in a rock band and lives the late hours/stage show life. So despite their differences, their experience with environments that contrast with their personalities makes their ‘opposites attract’ relationship feel genuine (unlike some of the forced relationships we see in mainstream rom-coms that don’t make a lick of sense). Altman moves these two through the ups and downs of the start of a relationship (although some of their downs feel forced for what I would argue as unnecessary tension), giving us a charming look at an atypical budding romance. These two don’t fit the standard love story, but their circumstances are mostly well written and make for an enjoyable watch.  7.5/10


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