Last Days (Van Sant, 2005)

Last Days (Gus Van Sant, 2005)

I’d had this on my radar for a very long time and while it’s generally viewed as a ‘love it or hate it’ film, I found myself right in the middle. I can understand Van Sant’s intent – a movie about the true horrors of a rock star junkie lifestyle that doesn’t resort to any cliché events or circumstances. The scenes where the main character, alone in his house, takes up his instruments and loses himself in his craft are telling. Despite spending most of his time stumbling around, incoherent, and barely able to function, his music is fluid and flawless – a testament to one’s ability to escape reality when encompassed by an object of passion.

But despite my appreciation for the contrast, the stumbling incoherence grew tiresome after a while. The guy is made out to be a fool. Van Sant could have given us enough of a feeling for how miserable this man is while still including a slight glimpse into his non-shot up side. The way it is, and especially because it’s filmed in such long takes (which I love with the right setting), becomes tedious and distant for someone who has never experienced this lifestyle.  7.25/10


4 Responses to “Last Days (Van Sant, 2005)”

  1. Regardless of the faults of this movie, I really enjoyed watching this. Took me back to my country roots 🙂

  2. I think it’s really good idea, especially at musical scenes where Pitt played on guitar or some guy listen Velvet Undeground. But in overall it’s boring.

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