Submarine (Ayoade, 2010)

Submarine (Richard Ayoade, 2010)

An overall honest depiction of teenage life. And when I say honest, I don’t mean a regular teenage kid absent of all quirks and hipster traits that usually drive me crazy about prototypical ‘indie’ flicks. This guy certainly has his fair share of uncommon oddities, but he’s self-aware (illustrating early on his numerous failed attempts at being ‘different’), which makes it feel like Ayoade is attempting to show an honest depiction of the less common teenage boy while poking fun at how hard he tries to be unique. He deals with real family issues (with one of his oddities being how involved he actually is in the details of his parents’ marriage), and perhaps even more real relationship issues. The handling of his confusion and cluelessness when presented with a situation that required complex relational interaction and console was perfect; it was harsh and sad, but a great portrayal of a young man making a mistake. Combine all that with stellar visual and aural features and this a very nice complete package.  8.5/10


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