Wuthering Heights (Arnold, 2011)

Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold, 2011)

Heathcliff, a man consumed by both vengeance and love, calmly walks the land where he spent several unhappy years of his adolescence. The land is drab and dirty, no different in actual appearance than it ever was, but much different in atmosphere and mood; absent is the feeling of pride and effort that once accompanied the man who took him in. It’s a stark comparison after watching over an hour of poetic tenderness both in the gorgeous way this disheveled terrain is filmed, and in watching Heathcliff and Cathy share innocently affectionate moments together, falling in love as we watch, despite everyone trying to rip them apart after Cathy’s father dies. There are few words spoken, not only in their courtship, but also in Heathcliff’s departure, return, and uncomfortable presence in Cathy and her husband’s lives. The images do most of the speaking, and they speak of what it means to love and lose, have those memories only exist in fragments, and the resulting desire for retribution.  9.25/10


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