Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (Bird, 2011)

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (Brad Bird, 2011)

Ah, the action movie. Normally, if the story is simple and the filmmaker doesn’t try to take the project too seriously, I consider this kind of thing average, but very watchable. But I was impressed by two ‘bonuses’ with this one. First, we are treated to one of the best chase scenes I’ve ever seen. Before most of the action begins, the characters notice a huge sandstorm billowing on the horizon. They make note of it, fret for a fraction of a second, then continue. The plot resumes and it’s almost forgotten. But several scenes later, as Tom Cruise engages in chase mode, the storm has reached them and what ensues is a blind, dry, and muffled pursuit – a treat in sight and sound.

The next break from the norm is the final fight between Cruise and the central bad guy. These two old fogies were so beat up by this point that they were both hobbling about barely able to stand on their own, let alone fight. It was refreshing to see the geriatric version of such events as you would probably expect after what these two had been through up to this point. I had a good time with this.  7/10


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