Please Give (Holofcener, 2010)

This review contains spoilers.

Please Give (Nicole Holofcener, 2010)

What desperately wanted to be a ‘this is life as it is’ film was an overly scripted mess in storytelling. Every character has an overload of issues, many of which don’t magically arise until the start of the movie. And as an attempt to keep it cool and avoid a cliché outcome, none of the issues ever become anything between characters. I get what Holofcener is trying to do here; there’s a sense of vanity throughout the entire thing that’s really disturbing and works to silently tear the characters apart.

But as the film concludes with a montage of each family magically coming back together, it rings hollow. This film needed either a bleak ending or a major blowup in the middle where they could move on hurt and broken, but attempting to heal. Though, I guess even if that had been fixed the film is still full of hackneyed characters and situations.  4.5/10


One Response to “Please Give (Holofcener, 2010)”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. This movie needed a climax of some sort, but I completely agree that even if it did have one that it wouldn’t have really made it any better. (Spoiler) I still want to puke that the ‘happy family moment’ at the end is buying a $200+ pair of jeans for a teenager that has done nothing other than complain about how bad she has it and steal money out of the hands of homeless people. Ugh. This movie was a massive let down.

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