Yellow Sky (Wellman, 1948)

Yellow Sky (William A. Wellman, 1948)

This is almost exactly everything a western should be. First, thank you Mr. Wellman for not including a distracting score. In fact, I believe this film has no score, which is a perfect illustration of the desolate and abandoned west that our characters are in. And what characters they were. The performances are all fantastic, specifically Gregory Peck and Richard Widmark. Peck’s character is especially well-written as an anti-hero with a calm, confident swagger who is still most definitely flawed. The film’s greatest strength, though, might be its cinematography. The gorgeous setting and the fantastic use of lighting, shadow, and framing make for a beautiful film – one of the best looking films I’ve seen. You truly feel isolated, abandoned, and ‘out west’ thanks to these images. I don’t really have any complaints. This is an essential in the genre.  9.5/10


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