Central Park (Wiseman, 1991)

Central Park (Frederick Wiseman, 1991)

I think I’m going to have to be done with Wiseman when he makes documentaries about regular people, or when he doesn’t keep his focus on a select group of people. This just has far too many moments that are flat uninteresting. I will admit, watching people from the true 1980s (and not hipsters from 2012 think they’re bringing back 80s style, but real 1980s in a way that will never be popular again) was fantastic – so many laughs. I mean, I love my full split running shorts, but I would never tuck a plaid button up shirt into them and stroll around the park. So while this accurate look back into the past was entertaining, I have to say I didn’t need three hours of it. Wiseman needed a little help in the editing room with this one – less listening to people talk about the park, as the slice-of-life fragments of the sights and sounds much better illustrates what the park is all about than eavesdropping on an entire meeting. I could have done this for 80 minutes, but the good becomes overshadowed by the length.  6.75/10


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