Ali (M. Mann, 2001)

Ali (Michael Mann, 2001)

Oh Michael Mann, we’ve had so many good times together. You have brought so many fine films into my life that I wouldn’t even know what to say if we met in person. But you created a real stinker with this one. Littered with contrived biographical staples, including the attempt to include entirely too many years and events into a couple of hours, I was surprised at how traditional this film was. Really, outside of the cinematography (which was very good, but still nowhere near what I expect from a Mann movie) this could have been made by anyone. There was no poetry, no tender look into any one part of Ali’s life, nothing but a quick summary of the period in his life that he spent as a professional boxer. If you wanted to learn the basics of the man’s life, career, and politics, this is probably a fine film to see, but if you want more than a visual timeline and had hoped for a real depth about what makes a man like this tick, you won’t find it here.  5.5/10


One Response to “Ali (M. Mann, 2001)”

  1. I disagree with this review. I agree it the movie covered many aspects of his life (personal, political, and religious) but I think it had to cover all of those things to show his career as a boxer. If it hadn’t shown all of that his career arc probably wouldn’t have made sense. I didn’t know anything about him prior to seeing this movie and I found it informative and made me want to learn more about certain people/events I saw in the movie. I agree that it was impossible to dive deep into any one aspect of him in the timeframe of this movie (even though it was over 2 hours), but I did enjoy this movie.

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